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Jurassic Dinosaur World is Coming

From: Lee
publisher: Lee
Time: 2016-01-14
Summary: Animatronic dinosaur,animatronic animal,life size dinosaur,remote control dinosaur,dino park

As an experienced animatronic dinosaur maker, Dino Walk Science&Technology Inc has been in Life size dinosaur and animatronic animalline for more than 10 years, and has gotten brilliant grade till now.

This year, Dino Walk Science&Technology Inc decided to pay more attention on the whole world, for dinosaur has aroused much affection for all kinds of factors, such as some famous movies and other aspects.

Recently, more and more clients are consulting us about animatronic dinosaurs, animatronic animals, fiberglass dinosaurs, fossils, and other related products.

Our products are for Amusement park equipment, playground equipment, outdoor playground and indoor playground equipment, science center, museum exhibits, theme park exhibits, education models, decoration equipments, model toys, festival exhibits, and holiday equipment and so on..

Join us, Dino’s world is coming!!!



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