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How to choose the type of dinosaurs?

publisher: Shirly Kwok
Time: 2016-11-07
Summary: How to choose the type of dinosaurs?

When you wanna buy a dinosaur,while you don't know which one to choose,and other questions?

Now let me tell you how to choose it!

it includes 10 types.

1.Dinosaur Costume: Amongst exhibition, there should be something interactive with kids. Dinosaur Costume is best option, which has realistic appearance, smooth movements, vivid roaring sound! Exciting & Amazing & Easy to play!!!

2.Animatronic Dinosaur:We are passionate about creating life-sized and life-like animatronic dinosaurs. Loved by both kids and adults, our animatronic dinosaurs generate great excitement where they go. Will take you back to 650 million years!

3.Jungle Animal:Rare jungle animals, such as Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Rhino etc. Prehistoric Animals, such as Mammoth, Smilodon, Glyptodon, Megalodon etc. Desert animals such as Camel, Eagle etc. Are Available Here!

4.Amused Product:Offering All Kinds of Dinosaur Style Products according to client need. Whatever size, fiberglass dinosaur items as T-Rex Head Entrance, Dinosaur Chair, Interactive Control Dinosaur etc.

5.Dinosaur Ride:Customize different dinosaur-type ride for kids playing. T-Rex Ride, Triceratops Ride, Dilophosaurus Ride, VelociRaptor Ride...... Do you want to be brave Jurassic Rider? Coming to tame our dinosaurs!

6.Ice Age Animal:Take Ice Age Animals Alive to real world, such as Mammoth, Paraceratherium, Smilodon, Gigantopithecus...... Are you excited that seeing animals who live 20 thousands years ago.

7.Dinosaur Skeleton:According to scientific data, restoring life-size dinosaur skeleton (Replica). All fossil replica is made by fiberglass. Excellent museum exhibits! Using at indoor and outdoor!

8.Insect Model:Customize animatronic or fiberglass insect. Mantis, Ladybug, Spider, Ant and Beetle are our hot-sales. Enlarge original insect size and restoring natural insect world.

9.Cartoon Statue:Fiberglass-made cartoon statue can be decorated at indoor and outdoor. We are good at making cartoon-style figure and item. You can have dreamy cartoon world!

10.Mythical Animals:Are you excited to see mythical animals? Without any doubt, we can make wonderful animals in myth to come to true world. They also can move and roar!!!

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