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Who is Triceratops

publisher: luncy
Time: 2016-11-18
Summary: taiceratops
  • Triangle dragon dinosaur body long: 9 meters dinosaur body weights: 5 tons dinosaur foods: Grass food survival age: The cretaceous period later period identifies must definitely: In two volumes acute angles long, third the angle which stretches out after the nose is short and the sincere origin: It and the giant storm dragon in at the same time survival to the nowadays North America mainland, perhaps it has launched the innumerable big duels by the oneself strong solid physique and the incisive triangle and the storm dragon! Synopsis: Triangle Long Yubao the dragon coexists at the same time, is one kind of short pleat leaf
  • Its build powerful protects oneself, it is belongs large-scale In its volume has two acute angles third the angle which stretches out after the nose shorter and is sincere. The triangle dragon is tame ; But after receives enrages, it can break counterattacks, runs out each hour to be possible to reach 35 kilometers.

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