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Who is the real thief of eggs

Time: 2017-01-16

Who is the real thief of dinosaur eggs

Is Oviraptor really the thief of dinosaur eggs? The answer is NO!

In 1992, researchers scanned the relics founded in Gobi desert, as if they were investigating a crime case. The relics showed a scene that some broken skulls of tiny meat-eating dinosaur covered on Protoceratops’s nest.

We may imagine that an alert female Protoceratops discovered a theft in its nest and killed the theft. The tooth marks were in consistent with the opening crevice of eggs, so these predacious dinosaurs were named Oviraptor by people.

But did it really happen? In 1993, a paleontologist, Mark came to Mongolian Plateau for investigation, and found unbroken Dinosaur embryo fossil. The research result proved that the eggs belong to Oviraptor. So the hypothesis that Oviraptor steal eggs isn’t true.

Some experts consider that Oviraptor has a close relationship with birds, so they have similar behavior and characteristic, Oviraptor was hatching eggs when disaster came. Maybe Oviraptor laid eggs and covered them with sand, to prevented them from other animals’ infringement,

Why don’t we rename it? Oviraptor’s name can’t be changed according to the International Zoological Nomenclature.

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