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Can ankylosaur be injured

Time: 2017-01-16

Can ankylosaur be injured?

 The number of ankylosaur was increasing during the cretaceous period. Ankylosaur could protect itself better from predacious dinosaurs comparing with the Jurassic period.

Ankylosaurs walk with four legs, it’s a herbivorous dinosaur which is short, fat and sturdy. It is covered with burly armour from head to tail. Also there are spiky thorns on its head and tail. Some ankylosaurs have bone likes stick in their tail, which can be used for fight.

When predacious dinosaurs attacked them, ankylosaurs would catch the ground tightly to protect itself with its burly armour. If dinosaurs attacked ankylosaur’s belly, this animal must await its doom.

Generally there were two kinds of ankylosaurs. One is ankylosaur with spiky tail, and the other is ankylosaurs with stick tail. Euoplocephalus is the largest ankylosaurs, its body length can reach 10 meters.

So far, people have found more than 30 kinds of ankylosaurs in the world, most of them lived in late Cretaceous Period and were fed on pteridophyte and Sago cycas. Its fossil was excavated in Montana Province, and ankylosaurs is one of the last extinct dinosaurs in the world.

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