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Could dinosaurs really make sound

Time: 2017-01-16

Could dinosaurs really make sound

 Isn’t it a stupid question? We’ve heard the voice of dinosaur in so many movies and cartoons. But is it true?

As a reptile, crocodile can communicate with each other by making different sounds. For example, male crocodiles can frighten opponents and attract female crocodiles by roaring and yelling. It’s amazing that baby crocodiles can make sound when they are still in eggs, to send the message that they will break the eggs and get out to their parents. As the close relative of crocodile, did dinosaurs have the same ability to make sound?

It’s impossible to make sure it just from dinosaur fossils. Scientists suppose that the special organ of platypus may used to make sound. It’s necessary to make sound to alert their partners when they were foraging.

We can hear horrible roaring sound of dinosaur in movies and dinosaur museums. Is it the true voice of dinosaur? Actually, scientists restructure dinosaurs’ brains and recover the vocal cords according to dinosaur skull fossils, and then make the sound. Foley artists usually make other animals’ sounds such as elephants, tigers and birds when they simulate dinosaurs’ sound. No one has heard the true voice of dinosaur, and everything is people’s speculation and imagination.

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