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Did the giant dinosaur have opponents

Time: 2017-01-16

Did the giant dinosaur have opponents?

The giant dinosaur belongs to Sauropoda. They are herbivores with long necks and tails. Argentinosaurus and Puertasaurus are known as the biggest terrestrial animals in the world. Their body length can reach 40 meters and body weight can reach 70 tons.

There was a long time that people thought Argentinosaurus didn’t have opponents, they could scare off predators just by showing their huge bodies. Until 1995, a British paleontologist found a tooth mark on a congeneric dinosaur’s neck, we knew that though they are giant, they still have opponents.

We can speculate that some giant dinosaurs lived in groups according to the footprint. Especially in Jurassic period, it’s vital for them to live in groups to protect themselves from attack. Many predators, such as alloasurus, ceratosaurus and megalosaur existed at the same time.

Giant dinosaurs generally used their long tails to protect themselves, their long tails could lash invaders like whips. Scientists usually find wound healing on skeletal fossils, it may caused by such fight. So meat-eating dinosaurs must beware of the whipping tails when they attacking.

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