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Did dinosaurs live in groups like human

Time: 2017-01-16

Did dinosaurs live in groups like human?

Numerous footprints and skeleton fossils indicate that some kinds of dinosaurs lived in groups. Some professional experts can read these animals’ movements from their footprints.

It’s clear to see that 20 parallel footprints of giant dinosaurs on lithosphere in the US State of Texas, only a few footprints overlap. From the footprints of varying sizes we know that baby dinosaurs always stay in the center of groups so that they could be protected.

A group of hadrosaurs also left footprints on lithosphere in Canada. The footprints show that they were marching slowly in line on soft ground. It’s obvious that baby hadrosaurs walked behind the adult hadrosaurs, because some baby hadrosaurs’ footprints covered the adult hadrosaurs’ footprints. Now, many examples like this can prove that herbivorous dinosaurs lived in groups.

Some tiny meat-eating dinosaurs also lived in groups. Researchers ever found that 19 footprints ranked together, obviously they belong to tiny meat-eating dinosaurs. It seems to indicate that they prayed in groups.

Up to now, people just find single footprints of some giant meat-eating dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus.

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