Zigong Dino Walk Science & Technology Inc.

Rumania client come to factory for ordering realistic animatronic dinosaur model

publisher: Helen
Time: 2018-04-27
Summary: order animatronic dinosaur model

    Our Rumania clients came to  our company and factory for visiting and buying animatronic dinosaur model  this monday.

    Our clients had checked our animatronic dinosaur model,dinosaur costume,dinosaur ride and gorilla costume and so on.Our staff worn worn the dinosaur costume for showing.our clients were very interested in it and added two pieces of dinosaur costumes order.

    We had introduced a whole production progress from creation,research and development production beautification and final products,clients were totally surprised by the whole progress.

    After about 4 fours discussion,our client made final order of  15 pieces of animatronic dinosaur model.

    Finally,we took a picture together and we believe that we will provide you best quality products and service for you.



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