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Realistic Animatronic Electric Dinosaur Ride Model Bring You Back To Jurassic Age

publisher: Helen Li
Time: 2018-06-01
Summary: Animatronic dinosaur ride model

We just finished three pieces of animatronic dinosaur ride model for our USA customer.

Animatronic dinosaur ride models are very popular among amusement park,Jurrassic dinosaur theme park,shopping mall,and outdoor amusement equipment.

The animatronic dinosaur ride model with movements:blink,forelegs move,mouth open close with sounds,neck up to down,body up to down, tail wagging,which make the dinosaur very realistic,when you ride on it,that seems like that you go back to the Jurassic Age.

Animatronic dinosaur ride and walking dinosaur rides is also one of our most hot-sale products , kids love and enjoy when they ride on dinosaurs back and feel dinosaurs body go up and down , left and right . Parents often take photos when their kids are riding on the dinosaurs , what a happy and sweet sight , isnt it?

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