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animatronic walking dinosaurs brachiosaurus for show

Time: 2018-08-17
Summary: Dino Walk Science & Technology Inc.is well known for animatronic dinosaurs and (animatronic )animals all around the world. Dino Walk creates more than 500 units of robotic dinosaurs and animals for( worldwide)more than 20 coutries every year.

animatronic walking dinosaurs brachiosaurus for show

our client in Mexico makes a wonderfull dinosaur show these months. our walking dinosaurs can walk like a real dinosaur. walking  brachiosaurus size is 15m long , 6m high.its movement: 1. mouth open and close with sound 2. eyes blink . 3. head moving 4. neck moving 5. tail swaying 6. walking . 

Besides this long neck dinosaur , we can produce walking T-rex, walking Raptor and so on. if you are interested in our walking dinosaurs , please do not hesitate to contact us

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