Zigong Dino Walk Science & Technology Inc.

36m long big dinosaur model was sent to America

Time: 2018-12-17
Summary: Dino Walk Science & Technology Inc.is well known for animatronic dinosaurs and (animatronic )animals all around the world. Dino Walk creates more than 500 units of robotic dinosaurs and animals for( worldwide)more than 20 coutries every year.

Last week our 36m long dinosaur model was finished . please kindly check its photo.

this big dinosaur model was divided into 30 pieces for transportation.If the dinosaur's height is over 2.5m , we have to cut its legs and tail for tranpostation. we will also send our technician to help our clients install dinosaurs. 

If you want to build a dinosaur park , please feel free to contact us . we have professional designers and workers.

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